As a part of the SWOP festival, Aaben Dans facilitates two workshops:

Workshop for teachers and educators: ”The educational aspects of dance for children – So you can dance…with grammar and other stuff”

Time: Thursday the 24.5 from 14 p.m.–18 p.m.
Place: The Hall at Roskilde Bibliotek
Number: 20-30
Teacher: Dance Educator Maria Speth (Holland).
Participants: Teachers and educators who work with – or are interested in – dance for children and young people. Employees from the Culture Region of Middle- and West Zealand will be preferred. You need no special skills to participate.

Maria Speth on the subject:
“It is well known that dance has a very positive influence on various developmental areas like social, cognitive or emotional contexts. But the other way around is just as interesting! Imagine how your education would be when you can do all the learning through dancing. Would it be less boring? Would you learn twice as fast? Find out while joining this active workshop, meant for everybody who likes to dance with young people. By using the grammar of many different ‘languages’ we will create, communicate, learn and dance!”

Three days workshop for choreographers: ”Dance on paper – to choreograph and perform for children and young people”

Time: Wednesday 23.5, Thursday 24.5 and Friday 25/5 2012 from 10 a.m.-16 p.m.
Place: Roskilde or Copenhagen. Further information coming up.
Teachers: Joke Laureyns and Kvint Manshoven (Belgium), both choreographers and managers of the company Kabinet K
Participants: 3 professionel choreographers. Each of the 3 choreographers will work with 3 dancers Registration: The registration deadline is exceeded.

Joke Laureyns about the workshop title “Dance on paper”:
“because we will literally work a lot with written or drawn tasks as a start for the movement
because we see every creation at first as a drawing on a blanco sheet.
because creating dance for young audiences is a fragile field.
because we will try to describe, to name and discuss our perception, our necessities and our experiences
perception as a start…