Friends in the Library

Photo: Es & Zn – Esther de Boer

A tribute to the world of books and the power of imagination.

The two neighbours & friends are sitting together in the library. One is immersed in a computer game, the other is watching films on his ipad. All of a sudden the computers crash. This becomes the occasion for the two friends to set out and explore the world and the opportunities of their surroundings. Towers of books and bookcases turn into ladders and slides. And when they open the books, the friends get lost in fantasy worlds and bring wonderful pictures to life. They read, the look, they listen and dance between the books. In no time the library turns into a place of chaos and fun!

Of course there is a lot that goes wrong in their world but the friends know how to solve all the problems in their own wonderful inimitable way.

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Concept: Andreas Denk,
Andreas Denk, Jordi Casanovas
Andreas Denk, Jordi Casanovas
Concept, choreography & dance: Andreas Denk
Dance and choreography: Jordi Casanovas
Direction: Klaus Jürgens
Dramaturgy: Bram de Goeij
Music: Wiebe Gotink
Light design: Pink Steenvoorden ( Einstein Design )
Set design: Pink Steenvoorden ( Einstein Design ) / Andreas Denk
Stage Manager: Marco van de Velde (Stageman)
Publicity: Constanze Fluhme | Starfish & Stella
Photography, graphic design: Es & Zn – Esther de Boer
Producer at SWOP: Aaben Dans

Title: Friends in the Library
By: Plan D
Land: Holland
Age: age 4 + and families
Duration: 55 min

Roskilde Bibliotek, Dronning Margrethes Vej 14, 4000 Roskilde
Friday 29 April at 16
Saturday 30 April at 10 SOLD OUT
Saturday 30 April at 15