A performance that makes you jump for joy

UP-AND-DOWN-AND-UP-AND…. explores how simple movement can have a powerful impact on our state of mind. The performance invites the audience to search and experience emotions of sparkling joy through the body. In the enormous construction hall a white inflatable castle unfolds in front of the audiences and turns the room into a collective space for joy and happiness.


Choreography – Jernej Bizjak
Performers – Bianca Berger + Ruth Rebekka Hansen + Jernej Bizjak
Assistant Choreographer – Fabio Liberti
Dramaturgy – Sara Živkovič Kranjc
Music – Matija Strniša
Supported by – Aaben Dans and Bora Bora
Produced by – Institute 0.1

Link – Institute 0.1


Hal 9, by Søjlepladsen, Lydmuren 9, Musicon, 4000 Roskilde

Saturday, May 7 at 12:00 + 13:30

Sunday, May 8 at 12:00 + 13:30


From 6 years


25 minutes


Online: Via teaterbilletter.dk here…
Mail: Billet@aabendans.dk