A performance about human support

We need all the support we can get, when we make our entry into this life.

Exactly as we need support when our body’s abilities fade out by the end of life.
And through life, we need each other to keep the balance.

THREE LEGS is a humoristic and touching travel through all the phases of life, where we all need some support from time to time.

The directors behind the choreography, Thomas Eisenhardt og Cathrine Poher, know how to master the art of infusing both the simplistic and recognisable patterns of movement with a myriad of assosiations towards the many possibilities of the activity of play.
Henrik Lyding, 06-09-2016


Thursday May 3rd at 10:00, Laboratoriet SOLD OUT

Thursday May 3rd at 12:00, Laboratoriet SOLD OUT

Saturday May 5th at 16:00, Roskilde Bibliotek (library) SOLD OUT

Sunday May 6th at 11:00, Roskilde Bibliotek (library) SOLD OUT


From 1,5 years old and elderly people.

PLESE NOTE: Babies and children who do not comply with the lower age limit may not be present during the performance.


App. 45 minutes


Tickets are free of charge but reservation is required.

To order tickets please mail us at or phone at (+45) 3582 0610.

Seats are unnumbered for all performances.


IDEA AND CONCEPT Thomas Eisenhardt, Catherine Poher ON STAGE Antoinette Helbing, Ole Birger Hansen (dancers) Henna Kaikula (dancer and acrobat) MUSIC Lars Greve CONSULTANCY WITHIN VISUAL DESIGN Cai-Ulrich von Platen CONSULTANCY WITHIN LIGHT DESIGN Carina Persson TECHNIQUE Elke Laleman