TØRST af recoil performance group/Tina Tarpgaard (DK)

TØRST is the danish word for thirst.

The title itself provokes an almost physical sensation – a bodily urge fueled by an essential need.

TØRST is a powerful duet for two male dancers, a duet on human drive and survival. About bodies in a place where strategic thinking has ceased and instinct has taken over with raging forces of survival. The dancers perform on burning hot, animated, desert sand!
TØRST merges choreography and sophisticated interactive video scenography into the unique visual universe that characterizes recoil performance group’s artwork and has made the group critically acclaimed as well in Denmark as abroad.

Dancers: Jonas Ørkner og Cesar Garcia
Technician: Jonas Corneliussen
Choreography and direction: Tina Tarpgaard

Age: From 14 years

Duration: 45 min

Watch THIRST in Roskilde, Slagelse and Odsherred

More about Recoil Performance here


27 April 12.00 Scenen i Laboatoriet
29 April 10.30 + 14.00 Slagelse Teater
30 April 10.30 Scenen i Laboatoriet
1 May 10.30 + 13.30 Odsherred Teater