Tischgesellschaft + Look Up

Two performances from the dance camp for young people.

Look Up

What is real and what is illusion? What does the digitized reality mean to us as human beings? Look Up is a performance that depicts a reality where the most important thing is to “present” oneself and “represent” the community – a reality where conflicting feelings exist alongside each other.
T’Dance consists of six young dancers aged 13-17, who are all enrolled in a talent course for young dancers at Den Kreative Skole in Fredericia. At this year’s SWOP festival the six young talents show the audience their view of how to exist in this world while also being conscious of both good and bad, inside and outside. The choreography is based on the young dancers’ own thoughts, improvisations and texts, experimenting with both movement, words and rhythm.


In a collaboration between a handful of young promising dancers from Perform(d)ance from Germany and Aaben Dans’ own stART group comes a story about community and division. The performance is rooted in the old German tradition, where strangers were invited in for a meal followed by the possibility for them to stay the night in the barn. Tischgesellschaft (dinner party) is based on an ideal; to cut across social classes by inviting people in and getting together. The young dancers are on the verge of adulthood, right in the middle of a Danish-German cultural encounter, where group dynamics and confusions arise in a physical meeting at the dinner table.


Sunday at 11:45 + 12:30

Look Up
Sunday at 12:00


Dansepladsen in front of Laboratoriet
Rabalderstræde 10
4000 Roskilde


Look Up and Tischgesellschaft are street performances. There is no need to book tickets for these performances.

De to forestillinger er en del af SWOP danse camp med deltagelse af 30 unge talentfulde dansere fra Roskilde, Fredericia og Stralsund i Tyskland.