SWOP festival 2016

Photo: Ditte Valente

SWOP- International dance festival for children and young people
April 28th – 2nd of May 2016

SWOP is the first international dance festival for children and youth in Scandinavia – produced by Aaben Dans in Roskilde.

Every second year the SWOP Festival spreads out the dance in Roskilde and the area around in urban spaces, venues, schools, cultural houses and libraries with performances, teachings, workshops and so much more.

The SWOP festival is curated by 
Catherine Poher, Lisbeth Klixbüll, Pernille Møller Taasinge and Thomas Eisenhardt
Aaben Dans

Gratitude from Aaben Dans & SWOP for the support of :
Danish Arts Foundation, Roskilde Municipality, Augustinus Fonden, Tuborgfondet, The Danish National School of Performing Arts Continuing Education, Ta´ Fat om Dansen & Nordea-fonden

and cooperation with
KARA/NOVEREN, Roskilde Katedralskole, Østervangsskolen, Roskilde Bibliotek, Musicon, Ragnarock, Freunde, Karibu, Roskilde Festival and all our active volunteers.