Snow Eyes

Tali Rázga, Denmark
Age: 0-4 years and their adults/carers

Snow Eyes is a poetic and sensuous dance performance about the feeling of waking up in an unspoilt snow landscape. Everything looks different, the world is new, delicate and pure, and the air is filled with secret poetry.

SnowEyes is a dance production that explores the world from a child’s perspective. Children under four absorb things and have an unbiased approach to the world. In the performance we share a child’s amazement and wonder at the first experience with snow.

COMPANY/ Tali Rázga Danseteater. CHOREOGRAPHY/ Tali Rázga. PERFORMERS/ Marie Sol Sandberg (dancer), Tomomi Yamauchi (dancer) og Søren Dahl Jeppesen (musician). SCENOGRAPHY/ Ida Marie Ellekilde. DRAMATURGY/ Christine Fentz. COUNTRY/ Denmark. PREMIERE YEAR: 2008. AGE GROUP/ From 0-4 years. DURATION/ 30 min. WEB


20. maj – Holbæk
Teatret Fair Play, kl. 14

26. maj – Kalundborg
Musisk Skole, kl. 10

27. maj – Skælskør
Skælskør Bibliotek, kl. 14

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