A power loaded dance performance with 14 young dancers on stage.

The party takes off from the catchy frase: Let the rhythm ride you, guide you, sneak inside you, set your mind to move, and the rest is pure dance extacy. Choreographer Talitha De Decker has brought together all of the things that in her opinion sums up the essence of the joys of dancing: expressive bodies, symmetrical structures and the fast paced power beats of the 90s. The result is a performance that invites the audience to a party that you only wish would never stop.


Friday May 4th at 10:00, Laboratoriet SOLD OUT

Sunday May 6th at 10:00, Laboratoriet

Sunday May 6th at 13:00, Laboratoriet




App. 55 minutes


Tickets are free of charge but reservation is required.

To order tickets please mail us at or phone at (+45) 3582 0610.

Seats are unnumbered for all performances.


CHOREOGRAPHY Talitha De Decker ASSISTING CHOREOGRAPH Piet Van Dycke DANCERS Maxine Bantje, Nikita Calatabiano, Lotte Curinckx, Lenny Gaethofs, Domien Huybrechts, Amina Iddrisu, Britt Lemmens, Ianthe Maes, Gus Philips, Lien Sodermans, Louis Staquet, Rob Vanderoost, Liene Verwimp en Kaatje Vranken COACHING Natascha Pire DRAMATURGY Peter Anthonissen MUSIC Benjamien Lycke COSTUMES Lotte Stek COSTUMES ASSISTANT Sabien Van Moorter SCENOGRAPHY Oona Sauwens, Andreas Ketels LIGHTING DESIGN Frank Hardy PRODUCTION MANAGER Cynthia Schenkels TECHNIQUE Pol Verwilt PRODUCTION fABULEUS CO-PRODUCTION C-mine culture center, cultural center Hasselt, CC MUZE, CC Casino, cultural center De Adelberg, CC Maasmechelen, CC de VELINX, STUK WITH THE SUPPORT OF the Province of Limburg