Additional activities in Kalundborg

Friday 25 April 9.30-10.30
A music and rhythm teacher plays music for babies and their parents on maternity leave. Everyone else is also welcome. It is free of charge and no sign up is necessary. .
Location: Kalundborg Library

Friday 25 April 10.30-11.00
OPENING of the Swop Festival in Kalundborg
In the shoppingstreet Kordilgade 250 pupils in four groups will perform each of their dance story.
The kids are from the School of Herredsåsen.
Arranged by the School of Herredsåsen

Monday 28 April 20.30
Flamenco de Sevilla
Lakshmi Basile ”La Chimi” worked at all the big tablaos in Sevilla and performed at Bianal de arte Flamenco, the largest international flamencofestival.
Location: Gimle, Gl. Stationsvej, 4591 Føllenslev
Tickets: 130 kr. – available at

Tuesdag 29 April 11.30-11.45
Chihuahua and Burrito
Chihuahua and Burrito are dancing at Høng Skole in front of børnehaveklassehuset.
200 children participate – are you joining as well?
Arranged by Marianne Falkner

Dance in Aktivarius
A dance teacher visited the Kindergarten and the children are dancing every day in week 18.
Location: Idrætsinstitutionen Aktivarius, Klosterparkvej 141, 4400 Kalundborg

Dance in Eventyrhuset
A dance teacher visited the Kindergarten and the children are dancing every day in week 18.
Location: Børnehaven Eventyrhuset, Klosterparkvej 53-55, 4400 Kalundborg

All week
Dance at Kalundborg library
Practice the walz and salsa at the library of Kalundborg. The place will be filled with music.
Location: Kalundborg library, Klostertorvet 2, 4400 Kalundborg

All week
60 seconds dance
Kalundborg library and Musisk skole shows the ten best dance short film from Dansehallernes international dancefilmfestival 60 seconds of dance

All week
Pictures of the dance
The artschool of Kalundborg drew pictures related to dancing. The drawings of the students will be exhibited at the library.
Location: Kalundborg Bibliotek, Klostertorvet 2, 4400 Kalundborg
Age group: 9 to 14 years and adults
Monday 5 May 10.00-10.50 atMusisk Skole
Tuesday 6 May 10.00-10.50 atMusisk Skole
Wednesday 7 May 10.00-10.50 atMusisk Skole
Thursday 8 May 10.30-11.20 in Høng Hallen
Friday 9 May 10.30-11.20 at Firhøjskolen
Monday 12 May 10.00-10.50 in Gørlev Hallen

Paolo & Money med Saga Collective
A tough dance performance about the life of a street ophan. pablo is 10 years old and lives on the street. Every day he takes his bag and polishes shoes for people. He sleeps on cardboards. These function as shelters, however they do not protect against violent adults.
Tickets at Only limited amount available.

8 May 17.00-18.00
Åsen Danser
The youngest pupils at the school of Herredåsen danced all winter with professional dancers. On 8 May they will present the performance.
Location: Kultur- og Fritidshallerne, J. Hagemann-Petersens Allé 11, 4400 Kalundborg.