True Confusion

ZeBU-og-Teater-Minsk-Sand-Forvirring6-940x564Photo: Søren Meisner

The truth – yours or mine?

Some truths we can all agree upon. Other truths we create ourselves as we grow up. But how much can you disagree and still be friends? How far can and should you go – to meet the friendship?

Even simpel actions – like a hug or a hand on a shoulder – can be interpreted very differently depending on the person and situation. As a sign of love and care, a call for comfort and intimacy – or as a disturbance and almost claustrophobic stranglehold.

True confusion is a playful and poetic dance performance that challenges the truths we surround ourselves with.


To order tickets to True Confusion and the other performances at SWOP please mail us at or phone at (+45) 3582 0610. Remember to write the name/date & time of the performance as well as number of tickets.

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Directors: Jørgen Carlslund og Leiv Arne Kjøllmoen
Dancers: Loa Carlslund og Frej Stenholt Mortensen
Composer: Rasmus Overgaard Hansen
Lightdesign consultant: Jacob H.S. Rasmussen
Design and production of scenography: Tobias Foged Permin
Technicians: Frederik Skals og Emil Øhlers
Producer at: SWOP: Aaben Dans

Titel: Sand Forvirring
Kompagni: ZeBU og Teater Minsk
Land: Danmark
Alder: 8 +
Varighed: 40 minutter

Roskilde Bibliotek, Dronning Margrethes Vej 14, 4000 Roskilde
Torsdag 28. april kl. 10: UDSOLGT
Torsdag 28. april kl. 13: UDSOLGT
Søndag 1. maj kl. 17