Oogly Boogly

Dansstationens Turnékompagni, Sweden
Age: Small children 12-18 months and their adults/carers

Oogly Boogly is an interactive motion experience for small children at the age of 12 to 18 months. Along with their parents/carers they are invited into a colourful and inflated tent specially designed by the Architects of Air. Inside the space is neutral and free from toys and other distractions. The children move around as they like as four dancers observe and imitate their spontaneus activity. In directing their own movement, the babies interact with the performers, and an upredictable but playful free-flow of conversational body language begins.

COMPANY & PRODUCTION/ Dansstationens Turnékompagni. IDEA & CHOREOGRAPHY/ Guy Dartnell & Tom Morris. SCENOGRAFHY & TENT DESIGN/ Architects of Air. PERFORMERS/ Anna Välilä Leis, Oskar Frisk, Jennie Lindström og Emelie Garmén (dancers) og Peter Sunesson (guide). COUNTRY/ Sweden. PREMIERE YEAR/ 2003. AGE GROUP/ 12-18 months. There is room for eight children and sixteen adults in each performance. DURATION/45 min. PHOTO/ Anna Diehl. WEB

20. maj – Roskilde
Rabalderstræde/Udendørs, kl. 10 + 12.30 + 15

21. maj – Roskilde
Rabalderstræde/Udendørs, kl. 9.15 + 10.30 + 16

22. maj – Roskilde UDSOLGT
Rabalderstræde/Udendørs, kl. 9.15 + 10.30 + 16

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