Choreography for objects

In MULTIVERSE, Vanhaverbeke is a multifunctional disc-jockey. The beat from the circular sound media may be hot, but is he a rapper? No, he’s not. He bounces arguments back and forth, sands his lyrics down, folds his thoughts up so they’re like a kit. He pumps up the best hits, brushes references off them until the thoughts bounce and we’re blown into a new dimension.

Singing and dancing, a living colour wheel is born. Arranged in levels between statement and performance. The rest of his set of tools consists of plastic buckets, Frisbees, household stuff and other junk. Can he escape this tsunami of words and objects? Is he absorbed by all this mess? Or are they actually the tools he needs to keep ahead of the flow?


Dramaturgi: Dries Douibi
Choreographer: Louis Vanhaverbeke
Technician: Bart Huybrechts
Composer, sound, lyrics: Louis Vanhaverbeke
Performing artist: Louis Vanhaverbeke
Produced byCampo


Aaben Dans, Rabalderstræde 10

3/5: 19.30-20.35
4/5: 10.00-11.05
5/5: 10.00-11.05


From 12 years


65 minutes

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