Sculptures by Roland Roure

Art exhibition in Laboratoriet

Roland Roure was born in France in 1940, and from a very young age he started his workings in arts. He prefers metal as his primary material, cutting it into different shapes and sizes, and uses steel wire and metal cans – humble materials often considered mere waste. In the creative process cans and metal pieces transform into flying objects in constant movement.

He finds inspiration in mythology, in fairytales and through the memories of his youth – the sea, motherhood and the art of seduction being his favorite topics. His works can be described as “machines” playing with both light, sounds, colors, fireworks, wind and water.

Roland Roure is also a painter and a poet. He writes philosophical texts about the hidden meaning ‘within’ the words.

His works have been exhibited in various museums in France and abroad; at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, Centre George Pompidou and at the Aspen Art Museum in Colorado. In Denmark the Copenhagen-based Galleri Python has exhibited his works, and, as a conclusion to the theatre festival “En anden slags Teater” (In English, “Another kind of Theatre”) in 1987 in Hvidovre, Denmark, he did a performance based on a wedding party told through animated sculptures with fireworks wrapped onto them.

The exhibition will be open throughout the SWOP festival in:
Rabalderstræde 10
4000 Roskilde