An adventurous walking performance through Roskilde city

On a journey through the city’s known and unknown, hidden and forgotten places, you will meet fabulous creatures, acrobats and singing rabbits.

So put on your walking shoes and take your adults out for a walk that you will soon forget! During the walk you will experience the Belgian grass jugglers from Circus Katoen, Two Women Machine Show’s quirky characters, the Finnish rope artist Viivi Roiha’s wooden elf –  as well as sung and move work by choir leader Olivia Axelsen and choreographer Thomas Eisenhardt.

After fantastic walking performances in Copenhagen, Athens, Budapest, Macau, Zagreb, Moss, Andros, Tainan, Graz and Dodandoguda, the trip has now come to Roskilde!


– Circus Katoen (B) –  Sophie van der Vuurst de Vries and Willem Balduyck.
– Two Women Machine Show (DK) – Ida-Elisabeth Larsen and Marie-Louise Stentebjerg
– Viivi Roiha (FI)
– The Music class from Østervangsskolen 7M (DK) – Madicken Nordenhof Hinke, Viola Mond Andersen, Maia McGugan Pedersen, Annika Elisa Rössler, Klara Danielsen, Cæcilia Düring-Ørsted, Nathali Yosma Akbas, Anna Legaard Mortensen, Nina Holm Østergaard, Freja Kierkegaard, Ranva Christine Thornland Nielsen, Ronja Gaunø Brøndum, Ditlev Adeltoft, Hjalte Vestergaard, Viktor Dupont Fischer, Isabella Elisabeth Nora Olsen, Anna Karla Sloth, Siff Juhl Mellerup, Alfred Murray, Sigrid Jørgensen Juste, Kaisa Holm Pilsborg, Lasse Kehlert Øhrstrøm, Sofie Stampe, Oscar Drent Eriksen and Marie Dahl Rønlov
– Audience guides – Annette Skov and Kitt Johnson
Concept and artistic director – Kitt Johnson
Curating – Kitt Johnson and Aaben Dans
Choreography – Two Woman Machine Show, Viivi Roiha, Thomas Eisenhardt and Circus Katoen
Costumes Two Woman Machine Show – KASPERSOPHIE
Choir arrangement – Olivia Axelsen
Rythmic arrangement – Anders Hvidberg
Rehearsal director 7M – Thomas Nørskov
Technical assistent – Rose Lerstrup
Producer, Kitt Johnson X-act  – Sarah Garde
Graphic design – Nete Banke/Imperiet
Music for Circus Katoen – Eki Attar. (Huun-Huur-Tu), Der Jules ( Erika Stucky), Karkar/Vincent (Boubacar Traoré)

Co-produced by Kitt Johnson X-act and Aaben Dans

Links Kitt Johnson X-act and Aaben Dans


Meeting place: The stairs by King Sushi, (by the descent to the tunnel) Jerbanegade 3D
Thursday May 5  at 9:30 (Sold out) + 13:00 (Sold out)

Friday May 6  at 9.30 (Sold out)

Saturday May 7 at 16:00 (Sold out)

Sunday May 8 at 10:00 (Sold out) + 13:00 (Sold out)

Monday May 9  9:30 + 13:00 (Sold out)

Mellemrum will happen regardless of the weather. We remind the audience to wear practical clothes – and footwear – that suit the day’s sun, wind and weather (not umbrellas).


Private: From 8 years

Institutions: From 4th grade


90 min


Online: Via here…