PLEINS DE PETIT RIENS by kompagni Lili Désastres/Francesca Sorgato (F/I)

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Lots of small nothings. Based on Qui Gong as movement, Francesca created an inclusive and almost meditative performance for small children and their parents. Everyone sits in a circle. WIthin this circle the sensation of trees, wind and movements of leaves… A nice break from a busy life.

Concept and performers: Emmanuelle Zanfonato and Francesca Sorgato
Production: Lili Désastres/Francesca Sorgato

Age: from 2 years

Duration: 40 min

Watch PLEINS E PETIT RIENS in Roskilde, Korsør and Kalundborg

More about Company Lili Desastres here


27 April 17.00 Roskilde Bibliotek
28 April 10.00 Roskilde Bibliotek
30 April 9.30 + 11.00 Korsør Bibliotek
2 May 9.30 + 11.00 Musisk skole, Kalundborg