Learn from insects to be a movement master like them             

You have probably been fascinated by how insects move. Butterflies flap their wings softly to fly and spiders crawl on the walls with their 8 legs, woodlice roll themselves to a ball and ants work hard in communities. But have you ever pretended yourself as an insect and tried to move as one? Crawling and leaping in the grass, skating on the water or biting the leaves gently. Join the workshop with the professional dancer Esther Ransdal Haugegaard and become a little insect movement master for an hour. We work and unfold our insects in Algade 31—which will be beautifully decorated in “nature”.

Dance and movement workshop on 1st of May from 10:30 to 11:30 at Algade 31

The workshop is for children from 6 to 10 years old and their grown-ups. We work in clothes that you can move freely in and in shoes or socks that don´t slide on the floor.
Up to 25 participants

It is free to join the workshop, but you need to book you tickets in advance.
Booking: / 3582 0610 /