No SWOP without a SWOP dance

Learn it, get into it and have fun together!

The SWOP dance is choreographed especially for this year’s festival, and is a part of the celebration of Aaben Dans’ 10 year anniversary as a regional theatre in Roskilde. Thomas Eisenhardt and Thomas Nørskov have created a choreography that is easy and fun for everyone to lean. Without revealing too much, it is sound to say that the 10 year olds can look forward to a special momentum some time during the performance …

The festival will be set in motion by teaching the SWOP dance to nine different schools in the municipality. During the weekend of the actual festival you can learn the SWOP dance at our workshops both in the city center and at Musicon.

SWOP dance workshops for schools (to be booked in advance): 
(For 4th-7th graders and other grades who wish to join)
Thursday May 3rd at 8:00–8:40 SOLD OUT
Thursday May 3rd at 9:50–10:30 SOLD OUT
Thursday May 3rd at 12:00-12:40 SOLD OUT

Open SWOP dance workshops for all: 
Saturday May 5th at 12:20-12:45, in Stændertorvet

Sunday May 6th at 11:15-11:45, at Dansepladsen outside Laboratoriet, Musicon

Choreography Thomas Eisenhardt og Thomas Nørskov Music Thomas Sandberg

Dance facilitators for the SWOP dance: 
My Lindblad
Lars Bjørn
Thomas Nørskov

Music: Thomas Sandberg