Hoola SWOP

Hoola SWOP

The terrace behind Laboratoriet will be turned on when Helle Hove enters with approximately 500 hula hoop rings and a big pile strips.

The terrace will be transformed into an open and inviting space for playful children of all ages, where you can build, climb, jump, roll, throw and swing the hula hoop rings and together help to create an vibrant event of patterns, structures and movements.

Concept: Helle Hove and Karoline H. Larsen
Photo: Helle Hove

Hoola SWOP_1

Hoola SWOP
Terassen bag Laboratoriet, Rabalderstræde 10, Musicon, 4000 Roskilde
Torsdag 28. April Klokken 10-11 og 12-13
Fredag 29. April Klokken 13-17
Lørdag 30. April Klokken 11-18
Søndag 1. Maj Klokken 11-18