HEn and SHEep by Aaben Dans (DK)

In the beginning
before anything existed
before the beginning you know
Everything was ONE

Some day One split into two.
A boy and a girl. A man and a woman
A he and a she.
And in between there was mystery of life

Based on the sounds and movements of animals and their strange yet familiar behaviour, the strong artistic team consisting of director Catherine Poher, chorographer Thomas Eisenhardt and composer Peter Bastian made a performance which charmingly plays around the meeting between a HE and a SHE.
A show full of great music, crazy movements and big questions

Staging, set design and costumes Thomas Eisenhardt and Catherine Poher
Music Peter Bastian
Direction Catherine Poher
Chorography Thomas Eisenhardt
Dancers Antoinette Helbing and Ole Birger Hansen
Production Aaben Dans

Age group: from 5 years

Duration: 40 min.

Watch HEn and SHEep in Roskilde and Ringsted

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