We are looking forward to seeing when SWOP strikes Roskilde again with an interesting program of Danish and international dance performances for children and young people – and other dance events.

As a volunteer you will:
– Get experience with international festival planning and events
– Network with professional artists and a wonderful group of committed volunteers
– Become part of a creative and dynamic performing arts environment on Musicon
– Participate in the festival’s events, see performances, workshops, parties, etc.
– Get a final volunteer certificate (if you are interested)

As a volunteer you can work with:
– PR, distribution and marketing
– Host for – and guidance of foreign artists and audiences
– The running of the festival itself
– Technical assistance/”hands”/runners and a number of other practical things

Do you want to be a part of our large group of volunteers and experience a lot of innovative performing arts for SWOP, please contact:
Stine Løike at stine@aabendans.dk/3582 0610

PS: AND please book the dates: Tuesday April 7th and/or Monday April 30th – both days between 18-19:30 – where we will meet and plan with all the volunteers on SWOP in Laboratoriet, Rabalderstræde 10, 4000 Roskilde.