A dance performance about follow and followers.

About inspiring, copying and imitating. About fashion that emerges, disappears and returns. About keeping pace and counter-movements. About selfies and the latest TikTok challenges. About giving thumbs up and giving hearts. About peer and peer pressure. About following your heart and being yourself in a world full of contradictions. About searching for identity.  In this show choreographer and performer Koen De Preter works with a group of young people between the ages of 13 and 21.


Dancers – Natan Bex, Sari Blauwet, Emmanuel Boakye, Yanna Lambaerts, Noah Meulemans, Naya Mbayo, Ilias Tallon, James Van Cauwenberghe, Louise van Genugten, Alex Van Speybroek og Miro Ver Elst.
Choreography – Koen De Preter
Light design – Fudetani Ryoya
Costumes – Marie Dries
Dramaturgy: Peter Anthonissen
Production – fABULEUS
Coproduction STUK and Perpodium

Produced by fABULEUS


The Laboratory Stage, Aaben Dans

Friday, May 6 at 13:30 + 19:30 (Sold out)

Saturday, May 7 at 10:30


Private: From 12 years

Institutions: From 7th grade


60 min.


Online: Via here…