Fly Trap

Fly-Trap-by-Sparrow-Dance---main-photo-by-Christoffer-Askman-til-terebaphoto: Christoffer Askman

Fly Trap is a family performance specifically for children from 6 years old

The show creates a magical and surreal universe of aerial dance in combination with video animations. Fly Trap is laid out as a form of rescue game and adventure that the two heroines of the show will overcome together. A performance full of flying, dance, acrobatics and spacial illusions. Reminds both adults and children that our mind has special power to change our reality and how we perceive it and that almost no wall in our way is unbreakable.

To order tickets to Fly Trap and the other performances at SWOP please mail us at or phone at (+45) 3582 0610. Remember to write the name/date & time of the performance as well as number of tickets.

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Artistic director and Choreographer: Esther Wrobel
Performers: Rebecca Seward and Kajsa Bohlin
Story and concept development: Esther Wrobel and Sam Moore
Animators/ designers: Sam Moore and Fredrik Lindgren
Composer: Camilla Barratt- Due
Light Design: Malte Hauge
Costumes: Camilla Lind
Production leader: Maiken Bruun
Producer: Susanne Daing

By: Sparrow Dance
Land: Denmark
Age: age 6 + and families
Duration: 45 min

Roskilde Katedralskole, Holbækvej 59, Roskilde
Thursday 28 April at 11.00: Sold out
Friday 29 April at 11.00: : Sold out