Delicious meals from Grundsmag

SWOP festival MENU:
Place: Eventrummet at Scenen in Laboratoriet, Rabalderstræde 10, 4000 Roskilde.

Menu & Prices for SWOP 2020

  • Thursday lunch:
  • Thursday dinner: Vegan meatballs with two salads, dressing and bread / 95 DKK,-
  • Friday lunch: DIY sandwich with sourdough bread, salads/cabbage, hummus, portobello mushrooms and bakes tomatoes / 75 DKK,-
  • Friday dinner (Grand opening): Vegetarian lasagna with two salads and bread / 99 DKK,-
  • Saturday lunch: Tomato soup and bread together with a vegan salad / 85 DKK,-
  • Saturday dinner: Braised pork with two salads, potatoes and mayo with herbs / 125 DKK,-
  • Sunday lunch: DIY sandwiches – two variants / 85 DKK,-
  • Sunday dinner: Delicious left-overs turned into fantastic surprises! / 85 DKK,-
  • Monday lunch: Spanish tortilla with green toppings, bread and dressing / 95 DKK,-
  • Monday dinner: Red curry with vegetables, rice and coriander on top (vegan) / 89 DKK,-
  • Tuesday lunch: Buffet with salads, bread and heavenly left-overs / 75 DKK,-

Grundsmag works with fresh, organic, seasonal ingredients.

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