Het Lab, Holland
Age: 14+

Two young dancers meet in an intimate battle. Is it a loving embrace or an endless exhausting wrestle? They search for intimacy, cling to each other, but their attempt to be one is both suffocating and comforting.

Who supports who? Who is the stronger part? Who is the weaker? Do they stand up for each other? Or are they the death of each other? Do they bring out the good in one another or do they amputate each other?

Couple-Like #2 leaves its audience breathless. The performance speaks directly from heart to heart, from body to body. Beautifully sharing its experience.

“A physical, suggestive and confronting take on friendship, for the first time ever performed for a young audience.” (Volkskrant ****)

“…the strongest story will always remain the story of two lovers. A story often told, but hardly ever as breathtakingly beautiful as by Keren Levi and Ugo Dehaes.” (TM – 2007)

Keren Levi (ISR and NL) and Ugo Dehaes (NL) have created Couple-Like #2 for young people from 14+. The performance is built on their performance for adults Couple-Like that became a big success and has been on tour across Europe.

COMPANY/ Het Lab. CHOREOGRAPHY/ Keren Levi & Ugo Dehaes. MUSIC+SOUND/ Tom Parkinson. DANCERS/ Maartje Pasman and Ryan Djojokarso. COUNTRY/ Holland. PREMIERE YEAR/ 2010. AGE GROUP/ 14+. DURATION/ 40 min. WEB

22. maj – Odsherred
Odsherred Teater, kl. 19.30

23. maj – Holbæk
Holbæk Teater, kl. 20

24. maj – Slagelse
Slagelse Teater , kl. 13

25. maj – Roskilde
Scenen i Laboratoriet/Musicon, kl. 13

26. maj – Roskilde
Scenen i Laboratoriet/Musicon, kl. 17

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