Collective Strings


The raw column square at Musicon will be entangled with 111,100 meters of threads in all colors. Between April 28th and May 1st the space will transform into a distinctive work of threads thrown and pulled in a web of color tracks hovering above the square. “Collective strings” is an organic work that evolves day by day during the festival, and which is created by the audience. By the end of its time the audience will be offered to take samples of the work home for further exploration.

Visual artist Karoline H. Larsen abolish the distinction between art and play and between spectator and artist. She stages urban spaces with the visitors and reinstates them with the possibility of play, movement and creativity in the city.

Collective Strings created by: Karoline H. Larsen
Production Execution: Morten Liyanage Villadsen
Photo: Karoline H. Larsen
Supported by Roskilde Municipality, as part of SWOP festival

Collective Strings
Søjlepladsen v. Rabalderstræde 12, Musicon, 4000 Roskilde
Torsdag 28. April klokken 10-11 og 12-13
Fredag 29. April klokken 13-17 Collective Strings
Lørdag 30. April klokken 11-18 Collective Strings
Søndag 1. Maj klokken 11-18