Dance and live music meet the magical world of origami.

In this performance you will experience an adventurous world of paper and play.

Dive into the magical world of Club Origami, an immersive and interactive dance performance that invites the audience to create, imagine and explore new ways of thinking, playing and moving. Dance and live music meet the magic of origami and takes you on a sweeping  and inspiring adventure in a land made purely of paper and play.

At the end of the performance the audience is invited to join the stage.


Choreography and Performer – Takeshi Matsumoto
Performer – Makiko Aoyama
Music – Rob Howat
Touring Technician – Aidan Good
Design / Lighting Design – Ben Pacey
Produced by – Little Big Dance Lead coordinator (South East Dance) – Lou Coleman

Link – Little Big Dance | South East Dance


At Roskilde Library

Sunday May 8  at 9:30 (Sold out)
Sunday May 8  at 11:30 (sold out)
Monday May 9 at 9:00
Monday May 9 at 11:00


Private: From 2 years

Institutions: 0 – 1st grade


40 min + 10 min play time


Online: Through here…