Chalk About

Chalkabout.-eoin-carey-square-crop-largePhoto by Eoin Carey

Chalk About is a playful, funny and sometimes moving look at how we see ourselves and others, featuring dance, chalk, chat and one perfect scene containing everything you could wish for…

Join Christine and Niels on their journey as they ask some BIG questions about identity and the meaning of life. What makes us who we are? Is it where we are from? Is it the way we dance? Our pasts or our futures? And, most importantly, doesn’t everyone like pizza?

A Curious Seed production of Chalk About, originally created by Christine Devaney and Leandro Kees (Performing Group, DE). Commissioned by Imaginate.

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 Curious Seed

Performed by: Christine Devaney and Niels Weijer
Production Designer: Karen Tennent
Sound Composer: Martin Rascher
Lighting Designer: Tom Zwitserlood
Dramaturgical Advisor: Moos van den Broek
Costume Maker: Alison Brown
Arrangør: Aaben Dans

Chalk About was commissioned by Imaginate, supported through the Scottish Government’s Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund. Produced by Catalyst Dance Management and co-produced in association with Tanzhaus NRW [Dusseldorf] and The Work Room [Glasgow]. Supported by Fresh Tracks Europe and Artspace.

Title: Chalk About
By: Curious Seeds
Land: Scotland
Age: 11+
Duration: 50 minutes

Roskilde Bibliotek, Dronning Margrethes Vej 14, 4000 Roskilde
Friday 29 April at 10: Sold Out
Sunday 1 May at 10 + 13