BARTOLOMEO by Carrasco Dance Company (S)

Bartolomeo/ Riksteatern Koreograf Mari Carrasco

Take 5 young women with 5 different minds and give them each a bag of flour – and action on stage is guaranteed. The cool Swedish women have created a fast-paced performance about womens’ place in society and they show us their opinion in a precise and high speed manner. Combining a lot of different dance styles, humour and a clear message, the performance goes directly into the hearts of the young people.

Dancers: Mari Carrasco, Maria Ulriksson, Maria Jonsson, Rita Lemivaara og Elin Hallgren
Technician: Imre Zsibrik
Production: Carrasco
Supported by the City of Stockholm

Age: 13 years

Duration: 40 min

Watch BARTOLOMEO in Roskilde, Slagelse and Odsherred

More about Carrasco Dance Company and Bartolomeo here



27 April 20.00 Scenen i Laboratoriet, Roskilde
28 April 13.00 Scenen i Laboratoriet, Roskilde
30 April 10.30 + 13.00 Slagelse Teater
2 May 10.30 + 19.30 Odsherred Teater