Avec le temps

A poetic performance on the street about the challenges of life, love and trust

She, recently blinded. He, keeps her company as best as he can.
Time passes between routine and memories.
The tenderness, trust, and humor to understand how to walk through this world that she cannot see anymore and that he must learn to see for both of them.
Sadness and joy embraced, pass through time in dance.


Choreography, concept: Claire Ducreux
Performing artists: Claire Ducreux and Toni Mira
Produced by: Claire Ducreux


2/5: 15.00-15.35
Dansepladsen, Musicon
Rabalderstræde 10

3/5: 11.00-11.35
Dansepladsen, Musicon
Rabalderstræde 10


For all ages


35 minutes


Ticket reservation is not necessary for Avec le Temps but recommend that you be there well in advance