Het Lab, Sweden/Holland
Age: 4+

ALLES is a song. ALLES is a dance. ALLES is a movement, a rhythm, a word. ALLES is the same. ALLES is different.

In this fascinating duet, Alma Söderberg and Angela Peris Alcantud play with the idea of doing everything at once. They transform into water, earthquakes or helicopters by using their voice and body. They sing songs, jabbertalk, dance and drum. The world is big and Alma and Angela celebrate this in a rhythmical, colorful and dynamic performance.

You can have a sneak peak of the performance right here

PRODUCTION/ Het Lab. CHOREOGRAPHY/ Alma Söderberg. DANCE/ Angela Peris Alcantud and Koldo Arostegui. & Angela Peris Alcantud. DRAMATURGY/ Moos van den Broek. COUNTRY/ Sweden/Holland. PREMIERE YEAR/ 2012. AGE GROUP/ 4+. DURATION/ 40 min. WEB


21. maj – Skælskør
Skælskør Bibliotek, kl. 10

22. maj – Roskilde
Roskilde Bibliotek, kl. 10

23. maj – Roskilde UDSOLGT
Roskilde Bibliotek, kl. 10

24. maj – Holbæk
Teatret Fair Play, kl. 10

25. maj – Kalundborg
Musisk Skole, kl. 10