vzplanutí - aBlaze 1

Czech street performance about love. When Theatre Kvelb enters the port of Roskilde, the audience gets the chance to experience oversize dancing stick men and women lit by fire. The male figure is so lit by love to his lady that he cannot think of anything else. But then the great dragon intervenes.

Family performance only in Roskilde

Varighed: 30 min

Holdet bag: Pavel Lukas (instruktør), Pavel Brozka, Pavel Vaverka, Vyacheslav Nechunaev, Jana Jaracova, David Jansky og Nikol Vozkova

Watch Friday 25 April 20.30 at Roskilde Harbour right at Resturant Snekken and Paradis Is (Ice Cream shop)

More about Teater Kvelb here

When and where

Friday 25 April 20.30