A performance about being visible in darkness and invisible in light.

Shades of gray fade out and concentrated contrasts appear when the young people from Aaben Dans’ platform stART enter the stage at this year’s SWOP festival. Together with choreographer Georgia Kapodistria the eight young performers have created this sensuous performance in the beautiful pilgrimage church, Sankt Ibs Kirke (Saint Ib’s Church). A unique effect is illustrated through both choreography and lighting vs. shadows, that interplay with the dancers’s visibility in the dark and their invisibility in the light.


Saturday May 5th at 22:15 SOLD OUT

Saturday May 5th at 23:00

Sankt Ibs kirke
Sankt Ibs Vej 2,
4000 Roskilde

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CHOREOGRAPHER Georgia Kapodistria DANCERS Anne Sofie stubbe Lindebjerg, Anna Caroline Kristensen, Clara Luna Bang, Jonas Bakmand, Mathilde Emma Boesgaard, Malthe Eilersen, Sara Emilie van Hauen, Sara Gerup & Villads Trautner CHOREGRAPHIC ASSISTANT Thomas Nørskov LIGHT Madeleine Lind Hoppe