Laws of Motion 3,14 min

Two girls have created a world beyond time and space, dancing through the eery halls of an abandoned monastery. The games they play follow a dreamlike logic. Rules are randomly made, ultimately forming and breaking their symbiotic relationship.


Dancers – Amalia Kasakove & Anna Lea Ourø
Director – Jeppe Lange
Cinematographer – Jacob Sofussen
Producer – Laura Valenthiner Bohse
Editor – Matthew C. Levy
Special Effects – Robin Töndel
Music – Simon Brinck & Adi Zukanovic
Sound Design – Jamie Louis Thurman

A Ourø / A Kasakove is an artist duo residing in the field of dance and choreography. They are currently engaged in a trilogy of works that brings into question how dance could hold a space for loss. They work in close relationship to performance art venue Warehouse9, as well as Ställbergs Gruva/TNEC and Aaben Dans. Their work has been presented at these aforementioned venues as well as Dansehallerne, HAUT, KoncertKirken, Bådteatret, CPH STAGE among others. They are co-founders of Dance Cooperative; a venue and dance studio for intersectional practices and work.

Jeppe Lange is a video artist and writer whose work revolves around memory and perception.

Jeppe Lange was born in Copenhagen in 1987 and has a MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig.

We are what you have lost, 16 min, 2015

Two women are far out in the woods. They are not wearing any clothes.

And they have no plans to put clothes back on. Ever.


Idea – Pernille Koch, Amia Miang, Helle Pagter
Direction – Helle Pagter
Cast – Pernille Koch + Amia Miang
Cinematography – Martin Køhler Jørgensen
Boom – Esther Wellejus
Edit – Anja Farsig, Helle Pagter
Sound – Frank Mølgaard Knudsen

BLUE TIT is an artists group who make performative, body centered films. Founding members are Pernille Koch, Amia Miang and Helle Pagter. They are based in Copenhagen.

Afterlaughter 15, 5 min

a bodily experience of force and relief

The female performer takes the viewer on a journey through the captivating world of laughter. She moves between different states and landscapes of laughter. Creating a relationship between her laughter and herself. The reasons for her laughing are not evident which gives an openness and a heightened focus on the physicality of laughter. Gently dissecting and decomposing laughter into its different qualities. Looking at laughter as a nature force, and not as a tool of communication, allows zooming in on the functions of laughter on the laughing body.

Laughter is filled with beauty, ambiguity and power when taking a closer and more detailed look. AFTERLAUGHTER allows the unseen details to get visible and connects to the irresistible and balancing powers of laughter. An invitation to dive into a condensed bodily experience of force and relief.


Concept, choreography, performance – Antoinette Helbing
Director, camera, edit – Jan Vesala
Composer – Niels Bjerg
Costume – Inbal Lieblich
Supported by – Aaben Dans, BIRCA, Danish Arts Foundation

The Meatlump app. 15 min

The Meatlump depicts a grotesque, raw and vulnerable fusion of three bodies. We follow the evolution from single celled organisms to complex, absurd body pile. The three bodies compete with each other and fight for space, but are, at the same time, deeply dependent on each other.

Together they build beautiful body machines and towers that reach for the sky. But behind every caring touch lurks an insatiable hunger. The Meatlump explores our intense urge for intimacy and touch and the relationship between our loving and destructive impulses.

Choreographers and dancers – Julie Rasmussen + Maren Fidje Bjørneseth + Richard Fredborg in collaboration with filmmaker Morten Arnfred and actor and musician Daniel Nicholson.

oeya 3.51 min

A woman experiences a multiplication of her body.


Music – hôy la
A film – Jeppe lange
Cinematography – Jacob Sofussen
Edit – Nikolaj Dahl
Producer – Cornelia Hyrup
Compositing – Alex Dubrocard
Colorgrade – Lasse Selvli
Post Production Bacon x
Transcode – Søren Gamborg Knudsen
Thank you – Camilla Strandskov, Laura Valenthiner Bohse, Trust Rental, Julie Stokkendahl


Roskilde Festival Højskole, Basgangen 20,
Musicon, 4000 Roskilde

Saturday May 7 at 20:15 – app 23:00


From 16 years


1,5-2 hours


Interested in joining – please write to