SWOP- ROK Dance Camp for young people

SWOP- ROK Dance Camp for young people

During SWOP Festival 2016 young dance-lovers from across Denmark are gathered for a three-day dance camp to jointly explore their great interest in dance. During the camp and festival they will be part of a series of amazing dance experiences! When encountering each other and internationally renowned dancers and choreographers, the young people are given the opportunity to exchange experiences, learn new dance moves and most importantly have great fun together.

The young dancers are going to see loads of international performances and are also performing themselves – for each other as well as out in the streets of Roskilde. Additionally, they have been invited to a dance workshop, which is fully funded by ‘Ta’ fat om dansen’. During the workshop, the talented American-Dutch choreographer Erik Kaeil, who has previously performed on SWOP, will give the young people a lot of new inspiration and dance techniques that they can further explore when they return home.

Keep an eye out on Hestetorvet, Klosteret (the monastery), Kaffeekspressen and Byens Hus (the town house) on Saturday April 30th. In the period 10:45 to 11:30 the young dancers will make pop-ups with choreographies that they themselves have created.


Dansefyrtårnene on SWOP

Back home the young people also express their joy for dancing and are all associated with one of the six Dansefyrtårne (dance lighthouses), spread out across the country – e.g. there is one here in Roskilde. Dansefyrtårnene is part of Ta’ fat om dansen, which is a major nationwide dance initiative that aims at providing as many citizens as possible access to dance.

The Dance Camp during SWOP Festival 2016 is organized by Dansefyrtårn ROK, which is ‘dance lighthouse’ for the central and western part of Zealand. Watch the video above where young people talk about what it is like to dance and to be part of a dance community in Roskilde. If you also want to give dancing a try, there are plenty of opportunities to join a team through ROK Dansefyrtårn and Aaben Dans. Read more about the teams here.