A dance floor. A party in the street. The sound of cumbia. Three people decide to start dancing.

Solo Juntos is a unique mix of modern dance, acrobatics and humor. With techniques from contact improvisation the dances embark on a dynamic and physically challenging cooperation. The three bodies on stage are constantly moving and never losing contact, and the relation betweeen the performers and the audience is always evolving. A surprising dance universe for all ages, inviting through joyous energy and cumbia music even the most shy and reserved people to give in to the dance.


Friday May 4th at 16:00 + 17:00, Stændertorvet


For all ages


Solo Juntos is a street performance. There is no need to book tickets for this performance.


PERFORMERS Candelaria Antelo/Anuska Alonso, Maximiliano Sanford, Lucio A. Baglivo CHOREOGRAPHY Lucio A. Baglivo ASSISTING CHOREOGRAPHS Candelaria Antelo, Maximiliano Sanford COSTUMES Lucio A. Baglivo MUSIC Cumbia electrónica, collage musical COLLABORATION Soledad Oviedo PHOTOGRAPHY Bárbara Crosetti ORIGINAL CONCEPT AND DIRECTOR Lucio A. Baglivo