A collective and anti-educational project about  empowerment and och free spaces for a young audience and grownups.

With references that extends from Miley Cyrus to Leigh Bowery, from conversations about radical softness to gender bending Dansstationens Turnékompani and choreographer Martin Forsberg work with identity and performativity, together with dancers and performance artists Casper-Malte Augusta and Snorre Jeppe Hansen. The dramaturgical eye belongs to the author, debater and performance artist Alex Alvina Chamberland. Music and sound by Tami T. The piece is performed in English!


Sunday, May 6th at 20:30, Laboratoriet
Monday, May 7th at 10:00 + 13:00, Laboratoriet




Tickets are free of charge but reservation is required

To order tickets please mail us at or phone at (+45) 3582 0610.


CHOREOGRAPHY Martin Forsberg DANCE AND CHOREOGRAPHY Snorre Jeppe Hansen, Casper-Malte Augusta DRAMATURGY Alex Alvina Chamberland MUSIC Tami T LIGHT DESIGN Uli Ruchlinski SOUND DESIGN Tanya Johansson PRODUCTION Therese Terry Johnson PHOTOGRAPHY  ResCAST