A dance performance with two dancers and a lot of cardboard tubes

A city, a wood, a house, a playground … Two dancers build their own world using cardboard tubes. How can you build a world – or break it down again? Do you do it together, or alone? What games can you play? Who makes the rules to make the game more fun? In KoKERS, two dancers discover how to play together. An imaginative performance about having fun, challenges, comforting and being there for one another.

“Without words but with complete clarity, a children’s world is shown as it no doubt always is in those little heads. Recognisable, funny. Endearing and evocative. Small and modest, playful and light. A late summer gift for you and your little one.”
Willem Nijssen PZC Walcheren, August 2016

“Finally, the toddlers are themselves allowed onto the stage to play in the landscape of tubes, and their enthusiastic play reveals how closely they have been paying attention. The result is a wonderful scene of little people playing in a cardboard landscape. Kokers is a total work of art in which all the elements come together perfectly.”
Anita Twaalfhoven Theaterkrant, Amsterdam September 2016 (****)


Thursday May 3rd at 10:00, the library
Friday May 4th at 10:00, the library
Saturday May 5th at 10:00, the library




Tickets are free of charge but reservation is required. To order tickets please mail us at billet@aabendans.dk or phone at (+45) 3582 0610.


CONCEPT AND CHOREOGRAPHY Gaia Gonnelli DANCE Bryan Atmopawiro, Carlo Camagni MUSIC Wiebe Gotink LIGHTS Erik van Raalte COSTUMES Asalia Khadje ARTISTIC ADVICE Wies Bloemen, Suzy Blok TECHNIQUE Babsie van Aalderen FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Lisa Donia PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Agnese Rosati PUBLICITY Hedwig van der Zwaal A PRODUCTION BY Dadodans | Gaia Gonnelli CO-PRODUCTION Dansmakers Amsterdam SUPPORTED BY Performing Art Fund NL, VSBfonds