Declaration of Love

lowres_liefdesverklaringanjabeutlerde_terebaFoto: Anja Beutler

Experience 6 young amazing people in a seductive and disorienting ode to theatre and its audience.

No matter if you are young or adult, the energy and persistence of these skilled young people directly to the heart.
Declaration of Love by choreographer Nicole Beutler and playwright Magne van den Berg is a re-rendering of Peter Handke’s play Offending the Audience, which caused a sensation in 1966 when it brushed aside every rule of theatre.

Declaration of Love turns the original text on its head to create a seductive and disorienting ode to theatre and its audience. Six young actors speak, dance and beatbox the words, all carried along by the irresistible electronic beats of DJ and composer Gary Shepherd.

Beutler and Berg have been collaborating since 2009. It’s impossible to categorise their work. Is it dance? Is it drama? Or is it an out-of-control pop concert? Whatever it is, it’s always a thrilling experiene.

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Link to: Fabuleus

On stage: Allen Assi, Bastien Bodarwé, Siska Bouwen, Laetitia Janssens, Stephanie Peeters, Jonas Vermeulen
Concept: Nicole Beutler, Magne van den Berg
Choreographer: Nicole Beutler
Scenography: Timme Afschrift
Costumes: Dorine Van Autreve
Dramaturg: Peter Anthonissen
Play wright: Magne van den Berg
Composer: Gary Shepherd
Produced by: fABULEUS & NBproject